Importance of Taking Notes After an Injury or Accident 

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One of the primary things you must do after you get injured or accident is to take note everything you can about the incident and that include the information of your injury or accident and how could it affect your everyday life. These notes you wrote can be very important to the next months when you put all together the vital facts into a final claim for compensation. Having notes in order to remind you of the information of what have occurred and what you have gone through, is more reliable and easier than relying on your memory. 

Injury or Accident 

Always have a habit of writing down everything you believe may probably affect your personal injury compensation and carry that through the whole claims process. Every time you recall something you hadn’t thought of before – as you are biting into a pastry, just before you go to sleep, while you are in the shower – take down notes and put it with the other notes. The following are some examples of specific things that you should take note: 

Your Injuries 

During the first days after the incident, make or take down daily notes of all the discomfort and pains your injuries bring you. In addition to that, you may suffer loss of sleep, anxiety, discomfort, pain or any other issues that are not serious or visible as other injuries however, for which you must demand additional reimbursement. If you do not write down specific notes of those immediately, you might not recall the exact things that could be included in your demand for compensation several months after the accident. Furthermore, writing down will make it easier to describe to the insurance company how much as well as what kind of discomfort and pain you were in.  

And also, taking down the details of your injuries may help your physician diagnose you. By telling the medical provider or doctor all about your injuries, and those injuries will be included in your medical certificate which will be a concrete evidence later that the injuries were caused by your accident.  

The Accident 

The moment that your mind is clear enough, take down everything you can recall about how the incident occurred, starting with where you were going and what you were doing, the people you’re with, the weather and the time. Include every information of what you felt, heard and saw – shocks, twists and blows to your body before, during and after the incident. Include also everything you recall hearing someone – a witness or a person included in the accident – say about the incident.  


Take down very important notes such as the time, date, persons involved in the accident and the contents of the conversations you have about your claim or your accident. Through phone or in-person conversations that are worth mentioning may include those with medical personnel, witness, adjuster or insurance representative. 

Economic Losses and Others 

You might be entitled to reimbursement for economic loss as well as for family, educational, social and other losses and for the suffering and pain. To know more about this case, it’s best that you consult a professional car accident lawyer in Colorado Springs. 

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